Viktria, known as well as Victoria, Viktland , Kalin or Ostruhen was a region of the Calintropian Empire that will become a shortlived independent principality as a treaty result of the Maurician Wars, being crowned as Prince of Viktria king Victor I. Being for long one of the core regions of the Calintropian Empire, this was seen as an unacceptable humilliation. It remained an independent nation -heavily dependant and contested by the influences of both Ruhenia and Calintropia, until the 3263, when the death of Prince Victor I lead to a sucession crisis, where Ruhenia will seize and annex the Principality as Ostruhen, which will be contested by the Calintropian Empire, leading to a short Calintropian-Ruhenian War, which was a decisive imperial defeat, further weakening the Empire.

After the collapse of the Calintropian Empire at the 3269, the republic of Calintropia will be formed. After a referendum, the people of Ostruhen voted to join Calintropia as a federal state in 3271. During this transition from Ruhenian control to Calintropian federal Rule, Viktria became independent for just one day as the Republic of Viktria the 3 september 3273, before becoming part of Calintropia.

The Kingdom of Viktria Edit

Kalin tensions Edit

While the Hott dynasty, rulers of the Calintropian Empire of Purpurian where originary from Kalin, for long there would be rising nationalist groups within the empire since the Anglasecuarnian Wars, as result of the independence of Ruhenia and unification of Cyrvia, as these nationalists groups feel that the multinational, multiethnic, multispecies empire rule had transformed in something not only non-Kalin, but that was ruled for the interests of the Purpurian, and there where numerous voices advocating for either the recognfiguration of the role of Kalin in the Empire, for more autonomy or even to become part of either Cyrvia or Ruhenia.

Maurician Wars Edit

At the death of the Old Emperor Santiago VII at the 3236, there was a succession crisis in the empire. As result of it, was proclaimed emperor of Calintropia a foreigner, Maurice I. Maurice I, cousin of Santiago VII, was King of Moritania and a muslim, which was seen as unnaceptable by many in the traditionally christian empire: as well for the Kalin, was seen as a further step of the multinationalization of the empire.

in Tchivkarus, Polak, Nordigen, Enkel, Lorten and Kalin, rebellions erupted: In Kalin, one of the less recogniced pretenders of the throne, a distant relative of Santiago, Archduke Viktor, will be forced by the rebels to become the nominal leader of the Kalin nationalist rebellion, with his followers calling themselves the "Viktorians". Many of them advocated first for an independence of Kalin, to become then part of Ruhenia.

Emperor Maurice I, as soon was crowned the 3237, began a serie of acts of territorial reafirmation of the old Calintropian empire, supressing violently several nationalistic rebelions.

The military crackdown of Kalin and military defeat of the Rebellion -and the acts of Moritanian muslim soldiers, seen as foreign mercenaries by the Calintropians- resulted in large numbers of rebels and their families taking refugee in exile in Ruhenia -archduke Viktor included-

Ruhenia, seeing this as an opportunity to upset the balance of power in central Aels to their favour, used their influence in the UPC -Christopherian Pacifist Union, a leage of nations to preserve peace - to demand Maurice I to stop their repression, ultimately leading to an ultimatum that Maurice I refused: the 3238 the Calintropian troubles had become an international war.

The members of the UPC declared war to the Calintropian Empire, and the Ruhenian Army -along with the volunteer army of Kalin, under the (nominal) command of Archduke Viktor- marched into Kalin.

While succesfully being able to occupy most of Kalin, in other areas the UPC alliance had less success against the stiff resistance of Maurice I, and by the 3239, many of the members of the alliance had come to see the war, rather than an effort to mantain peace and self-determination of the peoples, a hungry power-grab move by Ruhenia to push their own agenda.

Losing support from their allies, a truce was called and a peace agreement signed between the UPC and the Calintropian Empire first -the Treaty of Santiago-Mauricio-, in which was recogniced the rule of Mauricio I as emperor of Calintropian, as well the integrity of the Empire, after granting autonomy and constitutions to his imperial subjects and swearing to respect the humans and non-human rights, and at the same time, a secret agreement was crafted between Ruhenia and Calintropia -The Treaty of Lile-.

As result of this secret treaty, Kalin became an independent principality under the rule of archduke Viktor Gebauer, as Prince Viktor I.

In principle, it was going to be the Kalin Principality -or the Calintropian principality-, but Maurice I didn't liked the name and wanted to retain the title of Calintropian Emperor, so instead was given the new state the name of Viktria -the Land of Viktor-

While Viktor I was the nominal ruler of a constitutional monarchy, in reality the secret accord between Calintropia and Ruhenia divided the country as a condominum, which at the death of Viktor I would be subjected to a referendum to become truly independent, join Calintropia or join Ruhenia. This clause remained secret.

While officially a Kingdom, was ruled as a Prince because Maurice I refused to grant the title of king to Viktor, and neither the Ruhenian monarch wanted to put Viktor I on the same footing as the King of Ruhenia.

As well, in no part of the treaty the Calintropian Empire recogniced in an explicit way, Kalin to be independent.

As part of this treaty, was signed as well a Ruhenian-Viktrian-Calintropian alliance.

The Kingdom of Viktria Edit

Under such conditions, while Kalin enjoyed their independence in economic and social terms -which lead to an economic and cultural bloom-, politically it's institutions where weak, due the constant power struggle between Ruhenia and Viktria, who truly ruled the politics of Viktria -going so far as to use the national police to crack down movements who had as agenda the independence of Viktria.

While officially a full member of the later Hidrallic Allaince, Viktria always had a subsidiary role, being a buffer state between the two distrustful allies, providing in the wars of the alliances manpower, supplies and resources, but doing little in terms of taking decisions, neither in the Münzen-Hidraullic War, the Tris-Tigris-Hidraullic War or the Guaderian-Hidraullic conflict.

Death of Viktor I, Succession Crisis Edit

The death of Viktor I at the 3263 ignited a succession crisis, as the Kalin people ignored the secrets clauses of succession of the treaty of Lile, and wanted to crown as Prince of Viktria the son of Viktor I, as Viktor II.

This was refused by both the Ruhenian and Calintropian, and the Emperor Maurice I claimed that, in the event of the death of Viktor I, the Calintropian Emperor was to be the legal heir of the Kingdom, according to the legal constitution of the Calintropian Empire and their vassal states.

The Kalin rejected the condition of Viktria as a vassal, while the Ruhenians published the Lile secret clauses of the Treaty of Lile.

The Treaty was rejected by the Kalin and denied by the Calintropian, and demands of Ruhenia to make the referendum where unattended.

As result of this, Ruhenians claimed that, to follow the treaty and make the referendum in a democratic, free way, they had to send forces to ensure it's realization.

The Ruhenian invasion caught the headless Kalin gobernment by surprise, and dispersed resistence opposed the Ruhenian invasion.

As the Viktrian army scrambled to form a defensive line, the Calintropian denounced the Ruhenian invasion as a ambitious land grab, and send their army to "Defend a vassal state of the Empire".

The Viktrian army collapsed, as any attempt of organized resistance, and soon Viktria became once again a battlefield between the Ruhenian and Calintropian interests. In occupied Viktria, the Ruhenians realized a mock referendum, to announce that with a 98,6% of the votes, the Kalin had decided to become the ruhenian province of Ostruhen.

The decisive military defeat of Calintropia in northern Kalin, and the danger of the Ruhenians marching into Calintropia, forced Maurice I to recognice the annexion of Viktria into Ruhenia, in the middle of international condemnation to the actions taken by Ruhenians and Calintropians.

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