Vortigern The Demon-Orc was a Bazrrod Demon Lord, General of the Dark Legion and demonic duke.


A successful and feared commander, he took the form of a monstrous large and powerful orc, as he was to gather behind his banners the orc tribes of western Polforia in the Demonic Dark Legion. Working with orcs as a diplomat and commander was something that Vortigern had done before and during the First War of the Power.


  • Experienced Soldier and Diplomat
  • Cunning
  • Prone to Jealousy
  • Courteous
  • Treacherous
  • Not Easily Fooled
  • Capable Commander
  • Proud

Earlier HistoryEdit

First War of the PowerEdit

Vortigern is known to have had a great deal of experience in dealing with the orcs of previous generations before the First War of the Power as he has assumed to form of a massive Green Orc himself, and gathered orc tribes together to serve the Dark Legion.

He would serve in the First War of the Power, and in unknown circumstances, would be defeated, presumably on the battle field, and his corporeal body killed.

After First War of the PowerEdit

After the defeat during the First War of the Power, his followers were able to salvage his Soul Stone from the battlefield and hide it in the remnants of the dark legion of the demonic kingdom of Tempo-Katzooine. Here, he will again rise, being one of the Generals of the Dark Legion, having taken the form of a skavo captain. He would become noted in his efforts against the new human states that sprung up on the east side of the Dargoina Mountains. He would aid in the destruction of the short-lived petty kingdom of Ester Gate.

With the power of the Witch King of Dol-Nur consolidating, coming Tempo-Katzooine under his rule, Vortigern will take again the form of a Demon-Orc, being tasked to gather under the Dark banners once more time the orc tribes of western Polforia, organizing skirmishes and raids against the states of Nersan and Roccasone and the last human-elven colonies and remnants until the return of the Demon Lords.

Second War of the PowerEdit


Then, for having current experience, with a well trained and cohesive army, he will march with the armies of the Dark Legion as a leading general of the vanguard of the immense horde of legions of the reformed Dark Legion of Demons in the opening moves of the Campaign of Sargos. His role was to remove the forces standing in the way of the Dark Legion, while pretending to be no more than any other resurgent demonic army of past generations. He would be instrumental in the annihilation of the army of Roccasone, and the conquering of Roccasone itself in late 2439 a.a.H., with the aid of secret agents.

Degoland PassEdit

Vortigern led the vanguard through the Degoland Pass as an important part in the Campaign of Sargos in the beginning of the year 2440 a.a.H. However, the castles and fortifications in the Pass held by Roccasone, the Nersan chapter of the Order of Saint Creöle, and Degoland delayed him more than expected for some weeks, angering Satman the Apprentice, the Second in Command of the Dark Legion, who sent unknown specialized demons to help force the Pass.

Into DegolandEdit

The Five Kingdoms of the Northwest were confused by the threat and largely believed the attack in the Degoland Pass a feint, and light war bands of Ozcura Orcs coming through the secondary mountain passes of the Dargoina Mountains also created terror and confusion. Nonetheless, Vortigern found resistance awaiting him in Degoland itself.

Again, he faced delays as a Degoland army and various forces that he had pushed out of the Degoland Pass, continued to make it difficult for the Dark Legion to pour from the pass as they were supposed to and form up. Vortigern is believed to deserve credit for keeping his legion intact, and for ultimately succeeding in his mission in the Pass and on the other side, as the Degoland knights and army on the scene were pushed back and allowed fresh legions to form up after Vortigern's own army.

Nonetheless, Satman wasn't much satisfied as his plan was not proceeding as smoothly as he had planned. Vortigern had required use of flyers and various specialized demons, and light units of Ozcura essentially sacrificing themselves in Degoland to help him break out and push the Degoland defenders back.

South DegolandEdit

Vortigern would then be put on duty to push to the south of Degoland to link up with, and provide a safe route for armies coming up from the conquered and sacked Erenian. This would essentially end Degoland as a viable country that could be defended. King Camilo III of the joined kingdoms of Sargos-Degoland would call for a retreat of all forces to west of the Osorio River and the capital of Millbridge.

Vortigern, having passed into Erenian, and possibly collecting and reordering the straggling Dark Legion units there, incorporating them into his army, and ensuring that no significant forces of enemy soldiers remained to menace the southern flank of the Dark legion.

Despite the strategic importance of this role, Vortigern felt cheated for not having won any clear victory to vindicate himself for taking longer to traverse the Degoland Pass than expected. Despite his requests to again form a vanguard, Satman would leave him in the south as a guard against any unexpected army arriving to menace the flank the main demon horde forming up in central Degoland. This great demonic horde ultimately marched to Millbridge, and quickly overwhelmed the defenses of the city and the River Guard.


Vortigern may have crossed the Osorio River with his army at Pointu Orielle after it had been captured by Pumori of the White Fang? It is known that he would operate in southern Sargos or Tardos borderlands, again as a guard for the flanks of the main demon army up north.

Speculation: He may have failed to stop a Tardos army with the Tardos King Francisco I el Negro that moved north with a great contingent of cavalry from getting by him and ultimately linking up with the Sargos-Degoland forces?

Speculation: However, it is also possible that he was ordered to let this Tardos army pass, so as Satman could destroy it decisively with his great horde, Vortigern meant to prevent any escape back to the south?

After the MiracleEdit

During the Battle of the plains of Sargos, the main demonic horde of nearly a million warriors was largely destroyed by supernatural means in an event commonly known as "The Miracle". Vortigern would obey the order to retreat, and would do so in all haste, without bothering to bring all equipment or informing nearby units of the order. Such speed and carelessness would cause considerable desertions of his light units, able to travel faster, leaving Vortigern half blind without proper scouts.

Vortigern would be obliged to fight a rear guard battle in his retreat, but his larger army remained intact and continued its retreat.


Vortigern was already jealous of the 'Succubus Queen' Laisha (also known as "Laisha-Kolchas") for seizing the conquered city of Roccasone and claiming it as her new kingdom of Skallgard. As Vortigern had spent decades conducting raids against the Roccasone kingdom and protectorates, and other remnant human and grey elven colonies, and was the conquering general of Roccasone, he had designs on ruling that city-state himself. However, his checkered performance since the conquest of the petty kingdom, and the disaster of the Sargos Campaign made that impossible. Vortigern also found himself politically outmaneuvered by the new Queen Laisha in attempting to place himself as the head of a defensive counter to a coming human attack.

Ultimately, he pretended a conciliatory attitude before he attempted a -failed- coup d'etat against Laisha Kolchas in Skallgard, former Roccasone. His physical body would be killed and his Soul Stone carved out of him by Laisha.

Current StatusEdit

What happened to Vortigern's Soul Stone as of the end of 2440 a.a.H. has not been revealed. Queen Laisha is believed to be holding the Soul Stone of Vortigern 'prisoner' until such time as the Dark legion chooses to have him reconstituted in a new body.


Vortigern is the creation of Walt-Marsters.

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