The War of Ne'Sargos (2546-2560, according to other historic accounts, it may began as early as 2536 or 2540, and end by the 2557 a.a.H) was a war for hegemony in North Ushaenor, and it pitted the colonies of the Kadralor Confederation against Ne'Sargos and the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis. Both sides sides were supported by military units from their parent countries of Gorbegea, the Likkan Empire and the Holy Sargonic Empire, as well as by Ushaverican human and elven allies.

The war began formally at the Battle of Momb at the 2546 a.a.H, following six years of regional war into an intercontinental conflict.

Fighting took place primarily along the frontiers between Ne'Sargos and Chegarb, but as well spilled to the centre and south of northern Ushaenor. It began with the Gorbegean foundation of a colony in Chegarb, an it erupted into violence with the Kanov invasion of Keuta at the 2540.

Summary Edit

The War in Ushaenor Edit

At the 2546, meet in Momb for the first time the armies of the Two Empires and the Kadralor Confederation.

While initially succesful, the armies of the Two Empires would be defeated in Momb and pushed further north, into Ne'Sargos itself, laying siege to the Ne'Sargonic capitol.

However, the long siege failed to capture the capitol -reinforced by sea-, and with a new Ne'Sargonic-Whide Axis army preparing in the north, The Kadralor Confederation forces decide to break the siege, retreating before winter.

The next year, at the 2547, the Kadralor Confederation will launch the campaign of Dahl'Haran, making an important push in northeast Ushaenor, which resulted in significative advances.

Meanwhile in the east of Ushaenor, the Two Empires armies marched south across the interior -rather than Momb and Keuta-, launching the High Elves the campaign of Draconia, with Ne'Sargonic support. This campaign will however result in a catastrophe for the two empires.

Following this High Elven defeat, the Kadralor confederation launched their campaign on Huen, advancing further north in High Elven Lands the 2547-2549, while Kanov raided the Whidean shores.

However, the Sack of Thol-Iznea back in Aels at the 2550 will mean problems to the Likkan colonies in Ushaenor, being detrimental for the war effort of the Kadralor Confederation.

Ne'Sargos and the Whide Axis will seixe this opportunity, and launch the Campaign of Momb and the second campaign of Huen at the 2551-2553, which ended more or less in a stalemate, as the Kanovs of Chegarb helped to held together the Kadralor front.

But a crucial blow will be dealt to the Kadralor Confederation, not by their enemies but by Gorbegea, who for long had lead the efforts of the Confederation: At the 2554, duiring the Vakkusta-Gorbegean War, the king of the Gorbegeos will convert to christianity, and christianity will become the official religion of the Kanovs of Gorbegea.

This conversion of Gorbegea to the religion of their human enemies will throw the Kanov colonies in disarray. A golden opportunity for the Holy Sargonic Empire, will be the moment the tide of the war turned.

As Gorbegea entered as part of the Holy Sargonic Empire at the 2557, Chegarb and the Kanovs will completely drop out of the Kadralor Confederation.

Supported by their former Kanov enemies, by the 2560 all the Likkan Empire colonies had fallen in the hands of the Holy Sargonic Empire.

The War in Aels Edit

This war wouldn't be only an Ushaerian affair, as the Holy Sargonic Empire, the Likkan Empire and Gorbegea were Aelian powers.

The Occupying of the Barlans by the Likkan Empire at the 2549 a.a.H will result in the Holy Sargonic Empire sharing a land border -and the conflict to be fought in Erenian.

As well, Gorbegea will fight the Holy Sargonic Empire in their northern and southern borders: in the north against Botania and the River Guard, and in the south against the Hannian, being much of their campaign coastal raids and maritime campaigns.

But while Gorbegea was allied with the Likkan Empire, their expansion in the Barlans affected their interests -and their own imperial expansion in the Barlans-, so they would rather focus in the conquest of western Barlans -in Vakkusta hands-, rather than against the Holy Sargonic Empire. To secure their borders and be able to negotiate with the Holy Sargonic Empire, the King of Gorbegea will convert to christianity, a first step before entering in secret talks with their former enemies:

With Gorbegea entering the Holy Sargonic Empire, both Sargos and Gorbegea will campaign in the Barlans against the Likkan, forcing them out of the region.

Outcome Edit

The war changed economic, political, governmental, and social relations among the three Aelian powers -Gorbegea, the Likkan Empire and the Holy Sargonic Empire-, the Two Empires -the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis and the Holy Sargonic Empire-, their colonies, and the people who inhabited those territories. The Holy Sargonic Empire and Gorbegea both suffered financially because of the war, with significant long-term consequences.

The Holy Sargonic Empire became the only colonial power in Ushaenor, gaining control of Gorbegean Chegarb and the Loranor settlements, being expelled many non-human settlers of Ne'Sargos, Momb and Keuta.

While victorious, this war weakened the Holy Sargonic Empire, the Likkan Empire and Gorbegea, both in Ushaenor and Aels, and they wouldn't be in shape to face the rising Orange Sun of the Caliphate of Blazakhov, who came advancing from the south.

As well, as during the war was pandered the conflict in Ne'Sargos as a holy war, with a rethoric of crusade, this will have long lasting consecuences in the standing between the Ne'Sargonic and the Karentian christian church, relations that will shape the role they plated during the Sargonic Religious Wars, in which most of the Ne'Sargonic prefeered to side with Carlos Alfonso as Holy Sargonic Emperor, rather than The Apostate.

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