The War of the Holy Spider was a war in the underworld of Kazrrad, as well with some campaigns and battles in the surface.

The war was waged by a coalition of the drow followers of the Spider Goddess Lolh against the non-believers: primarly the Negeé-worshipping Llurth-Negeél drows, but as well other drow cities and non-lolhian sects and cults within primarly lolhian cities, with as well campaigns against non drow.

Originally a holy war to destroy, convert or enslave the infidels, after the fall of their main enemy, Llurth-Negeél, that unified the Lolhian coalition, it will fall apart as they ended fighting each other for the spoils and the influence: the confederation dissolved, and for long time, the drow dedicated to fight each other in the coming Age of the Spider.

Meanwhile some philosophers speak about the imminent extinction of the drow by drow hand, Manzarraza will rise to become the more powerful city state between the 7.000 to the 4.000 b.a.H, and to keep that status, they were in a permanent cycle of wars.

Aside of the destruction of Llurth-Negeél early in the war and the rulying position that will reach the Cult of Lolh in most drow cities, it will result as well in the destruction of many once prosperous drow settlements, as the called Three Unknown drow cities: they where part of the Thirteen Drow Cities, and part of the Lolhian Cohalition early in the War of the Holy Spider, but will be not only destroyed, but their names where deleted of the records of drow history during the War of the Holy Spider, and neither was registered their location or reason of destruction. Archeologists often wondered about the destruction of their names, legacy and memories.

The Age of the Spider will be remembered as chaos, and in this moment will be that the cult of Lolh will be seen as evil or demonic by other religions.

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