The War of the Lost Cities was a series of campaigns during the Second War of the Power, during which the Holy Sargonic Empire tried to gain access and to hold the Twelve Lost Cities of Mankind, to use on them the Holy Relic of Eden.

Being a part of the Wars of the Power, while there is a consensus when it began -2512 a.a.H- there is a discussion when these campaigns ended -some claim it would be only with The Cataclysm, being continued during the Late Human Age and the Third War of the Power-, or if calling them "wars" is correct.

The Battle of Draconia Edit

In the Forests of Bierteno, laid one of the Lost Cities of Mankind, which had been guarded by the Great Dragons of Draconia, these dragons who were later replaced by in this duty by the Draak Harg, who had made it into the capital of their Kingdom.

A Loranor-Lorthen army stormed the city. Attacked, they would later be forced to evacuate the city, and the army was routed in their retreat: only with great luck, was that the humans guarding the Holy Relic of Eden avoided to lose it in this catastrophe

The Battle of Draakonia Edit

Draakonia was other Great Dragon successor state of the Draakans, who guarded the city.


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