The War of the Seven Realms was a war fought in central Aels between the realms of human, kanov, elf, orc, beast-men, dwarf and the last remnants of demons, fought between the 2746 to the 2760 a.a.H.

While it was called the War of the Seven Realms, as participated nations of the realms of beast-men, dwarves, humans, kanovs, elves, orcs and demons, it wasn't really that simple, as some of these so called "realms" weren't kingdoms or nations themselves, but only dispersed peoples, and other "realms" where really divided among several kingdoms and empires, often in antagonic sides, as happened with himans.

Some of the participants of this war where the human kingfoms of Sueccian, Alailë, Polakia, Tchivka, Degoland, Barlaria and the Calintropian Empire of Purpurian, the elven kingdoms of Dol-Sorne and Lorthen, the Orc Alliance made of several smaller orc kingdoms, lead by the High Orcs, the kanov kingdom of Gorbegea and the high-orc-mountain elven kingdom of Galawonnor among with many other nations.

It was an important conflict, as will be the first major war in post-cataclysm Aels, that will have as consequences the fonfiguration of the political map of modern Aels -at least until the Anglasecuarnian Wars-, and as well meant the end to the independent non-human nations in Aels.

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