The War of the Titanizk Mountains (2.364 - 2.368 a.a.H) was a war fought in central Aels during the Middle Human Age, between the recently founded Kingdom of Hannian, that sought exansion to the Titanizk Mountains to the east, inhabited by Titanizkios giant Kanovs.


Opening TacticsEdit

The Hannian launched summer campaigns in 2.364 and 2.365, but the Titanizk kanovs rather than facing them in open battle waged a hit-and-run war, retreating to their forts in the highlands and mountains, returning to the abandoned lands in the fall.

Hannian Strategy of ConquestEdit

Hannian Fortification During WinterEdit

The Hannian, trying to prevent this, will set down settlers and fortifications in 2.366, which cornered the Titanizk kanovs in the mountains. Desperate and starving, the Titanizk attacked the Hannian settlements after the royal army retreated for fall: many of the fortifications and settlements of the Hannian were razed, but some of the most important ones held until winter, when a new host was called by the king Christopher I of Hannian to relieve the besieged positions.

Launching a Deeper InvasionEdit

In the 2.367 a.a.H, using the fortifications built the previous year that survived as bases, the Hannian host moved further into the mountains, attacking and sacking many of the Titanizk kanov forts.

Unification of the Mountain TribesEdit

As the humans progressed, they not only moved against the Kanov, but other peoples of the mountains: traditional enemies of each other, the Hannian expansion will be the catalyst for the formation of an alliance of the mountain peoples, and in fall will be fought the Battle of the Stone Peaks between a confederation of mountain peoples of the Titanizk, lead by Kanovs, against the Hannian Kingdom forces.

Failure of the Hannian ExpansionEdit

Military DefeatEdit

The Hannian forces were defeated and forced to retreat to their forts, which suffered several assaults during the winter.

Economic and Political DefeatEdit

By the 2.368 a.a.H, being clear for the Hannian that they couldn't keep the conquered territory and due to the losses and costs of the war, losing support from the nobles, King Christopher I of Hannian decided to retreat to the lowlands.

Final BattleEdit

However, as they retreated from the Titanizk mountains, a host of Kanovs, wanting vengance, advanced without support of the other mountain peoples, suffering a defeat against the Hannian forces.

Final ResultsEdit

As result of the war, the peoples of the Titanizk mountains remained independent, foiling the eastward expansion of Hannian.

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