The Wars of Restoration of the Dark Legion (2434-2438) were a series of wars fought in Polforia to restore the Dark Legion of Demons.

History Edit

As result of the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H), the Dark Legion of Demons will be disbanded and the main demon lords banished to exile to Mount Satanmet on the island of Demonatch. The north central Aels land of Polforia, the former realm ruled by the demon lords crumbled into an anarchic puzzle between the Human and elven settlers, freed former demonic vassals and the remnants of the Dark Legion, states formed by lieutenants and minor demon lords:

During the Middle Human Age (2203-2434 a.a.H), for about 200 years Polforia will be plagued by war and instability, until in the end rose as an hegemonic power in central Polforia the Witch King of Dol-Nur.

While he could become the most powerful of the little demon lords of the remnants of the Dark Legion, he knew that on his own he wouldn't be able to reign over his equals, and instead began the ambitious project to free the great demon lords from their prison in Satanmet.

As after two centuries the once watchful eyes of the Keepers of Hellsgate had become weak and corrupt, it resulted surprisingly easy for the Witch King to liberate the imprisoned Seven Demon Princes, to return and rule once more time over the Dark Legion at the 2434 a.a.H.

While the larger demonic kingdoms outside of Polforia as Tok-Thoria and Anutkia were quick to bow to their old masters, and while they had in Polforia the support of the larger remnants of the Dark Legion -as the nation ruled by the Witch King, Dol-Nur and soon, EntarteaDbejorand Brûm-, many others that had grown used to their freedom weren't so eager or quick to kneel to the demons.

This will be the beginning of the War of Restoration, which really were a series of wars between the various groups, clans and factions that tried to resist the reunification of the Dark Legion, against the newly reformed Dark Legion -largely the preexisting and organized armies of the Dol'Nurian, entartean and Dbejori forces-.

one of the more bloody campaigns of the Wars of Restoration will be the Campaign of Mondwargh, the lands of the Werewolfs.

Restoration War of Mondwargh Edit

While Demons, the werewolves of Mondwargh had organized themselves in clans since the fall of their king, Firnsternis several centuries ago, the clans that remained in existence had become fiercely independent during the Middle Human Age: an independence that they weren't too eager to give up.

Using a mixture of charm, coercion, diplomacy and violence, making alliances with some clans while facing others in battle or defeating their chieftains, the werewolf -and ambassador of the Dark Legion-, the Fallen Knight Rippien Dead Moon was able to gather all the werewolf clans of Mondwargh under his banner. Knowing that the clans would never accept a king, instead was formed a new Werewolf Council with the chieftains of all the Clans, which Rippien would lead:

However, traditional rivalries will fracture this arrangement and basically will turn into a full war between the lowlander clans -confederated into the Dark legion- against the Free Clans of the highlands of Mondwargh, and the Southern Dargoina Mountains at the 2436 a.a.H.

The campaign of Mondwargh ended the 2438 a.a.H in the Battle of the Cauldron, in the lands of the Free Clan of the Silver Moon, one of the last points of resistance of the Free Clans. After their defeat in battle, the Free Clans were ready to make a desperate last stand in the fortress, but were surprised instead by the offer made by the Dark Legion to gain them:

Mondwargh was to remain without king or Dark lord, being ruled instead by the council of the chieftains of the great clans, leaving much autonomy for self rule of the clans, as long this didn't descend back to the old feuds, wars and rivalries of the clans and excessive bloodshed:

The same council, rather than being an institution to rule Mondwargh, was a place to peacefully solve the issues between the clans -and with their non-werewolf neighbors- and to organize and provide the requested legions, forces and supplies to the Dark Legion, to keep their internal independence. 

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