The War of The Gods it's a legendary war between the elder gods that created the world of aiers and it's peoples.

Being present in the myths of most civilizations and cultures of Aiers, when was discovered by archeology that a series of extinctions, natural disasters, catastrophes, strange phenomena and geomorphological changes around the 23.500 before the Apparition of Humanity, they will name this period after the legendary war of the Gods.

This series of events around the 23.500 will create a demographic bottleneck, and as well later climatic changes will have as result mass migrations around the 23.000 b.a.H.

The Gods that walked upon AiersEdit

Among the first recorded legends and stories of Aiers -of elfkind, dwarves and Draak Harg-, was often described how in the past there was an heroic, divine age when "the Gods walked upon Aiers", the World-Builders. These legends where however recorded thousands of years after this supposed divine time, as a process of encryption of the oral legends and narrations.

These stories for long where considered only legends, at least upon the arrival of modern archeology, helped with technology, that made possible to date the more ancient artificial-made caverns of the underworld of Kazrrad

While no physical remains of the World-Builders was found, there will be found archeological evidence of their existence between the 108.000 to the 23.500 before the Apparition of Humanity.

Unknown in apparence and nature, while it seems they where few in numbers, they where more advanced that any aierian peoples in tens of thousands of years. To this, some pointed out the theory of them being "Ancient Aliens" -theories that will be disregarded-, or as a first Aierian civilization. Human-supremasist groups claims the ancient World Builders where instead humans.

As while this ancestral race of "Gods that walked upon Aiers" , the other peoples of aiers developed unaffected -so some suggest that, somehow but in an indirect way, they guided their evolution-. This however only remains as theories.

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