Wei Qi (魏其), better known for his title of Bi Xiao Huang Di; the Filial Emperor (比孝皇帝) or the Half Elf by his enemies, was the first emperor of the Empire of Bi –however, he gave that title to his father Wei Zheng, the Brilliantly Martial High Ancestor.

We Qi finished the unification of the eastern Hieyoks kingdoms under Bi, to the point that the name of 'Bi' wouldn’t be used by that name to refer to the original single State of Bi, but to an empire.

He would be the founder of a Dynasty that would rule for 150 years and 7 Emperors; their Dynastic name now with another meaning- Da Bi Di Shang 大比地上- The Great Superior Empire- from which the name of Bina –and the later Binese Empire- would be born.

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