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Belád Bonceduil the White Hermit

The "White Hermit" is another name by which the high elf named Belád Bonceduil is known by amongst certain peoples in the continent of Zarhuy and perhaps Negeémiliel where he is considered a condemned a fugitive criminal.

This is a companion page for the main page for this character: Belád Bonceduil, as he is most commonly known as the 'White Hermit' both in his Aiers setting stories and amongst readers and contributors to the world setting.


The White Hermit, Belád Bonceduil is a tall elf, as he is from the High elves of Ushaenor, particularly the Golden High Elves, although he himself would seem to have had brown hair when he was young, rather than the stereotypical blonde hair seen as more typical of a Golden High elf. His hair did turn to a perhaps early grey and white when he reached the age of about 400 years old it is believed.

While the White Hermit probably is not the tallest example from among the High elves, as he is generally considered short and slender for a human, he has been shown towering over the Wild elfs of Zarhuy despite most of them being descended from Golden High elves as well. This is because not all elf populations even within a category have the same predilection for size and height. Also, nutrition of many of the wild elves of Antor and elsewhere is not always amply provided, and genetic selection might have also played a role?

In any event, the White Hermit is usually shown as being tall next to Wild elves, and very tall next to Drow.

The White Hermit is a very skilled blacksmith, able to make finely crafted weapons and armor. He also has good knowledge of strength training which he practices. The occupation of a blacksmith and his strength training have made him a powerfully developed figure for an elf, particularly of his age.

Origins of the Name of 'the White Hermit'Edit

It has never been revealed where the name comes from.

Wild ElvesEdit

It is possible that the Wild elfs of the village of Al'Jathis were the ones to call him this. It is possibly a descriptive term due to his isolationist ways, living in the somewhat treacherous Saahdons swamp alone, and for his white hair and a bearing they found arrogant.


It is also possible that there is some self referencing to the 'title'. The White Hermit is originally a native of the Golden High elf magicracy of Dahl'Haran. He had been tested and found to have excellent maná manipulating abilities. He was sent to study in the 'White Tower', but ran from the tower and city to find his own destiny.


He had became a member of the 'international' Ushaenor politics of the 'White Party', that is a general philosophy of secularism and physical science and technology versus the 'Purple Party' of magic elitism, conservatism, and dogma.

The name 'White Hermit' might reflect that past association with the White Party?


The 'title' might have also self originated, at least in part, due to Belád Bonceduil having escaped the hidden valley, 'hermit kingdom' of Rohnion, where he might have been considered a fugitive to be brought back or under a sentence of death for leaving the hidden society with knowledge of many of its secrets?

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