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Aiers IV[edit | edit source]

Continents[edit | edit source]

Peoples[edit | edit source]

On Aiers IV, Fantasy Era[edit | edit source]

Nebulosa of Ots[edit | edit source]

Time Periods[edit | edit source]

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Culture[edit | edit source]

Authors and Creators[edit | edit source]

Principal Author and Creator[edit | edit source]

The World of Aiers is the creation of many people, but the original creator on Deviant Art and the artist who has done the greatest quantity of work and is owner and authority on the setting is Shabazik. (No Category Page)

Other Contributors[edit | edit source]

It would be difficult or impossible to completely define where every creation or idea comes from, as many were the fruits of collaborative pooling on posts or the chat-room. There have been also other contributors' settings that have been 'modularly' inserted into Aiers. However, unless otherwise noted, the creator is assumed to be Shabazik.

The list of other creators in this section should not in any way be considered a complete list as so many others have contributed in one way or the other through the years.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Indeed, the foundations of Aiers were laid by not just Shabazik, but by other classmates of his as the setting originated as a free associated role play begun and arbitrated by Shabazik.

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