The word wilderness derives from the notion of "wildness"—in other words, that which is not controlled by humans.

The Wilderness, Wild Lands, Wildland or the Wild North refeered to the lands north of the Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros, between the Alan Ocean and the Dargoina Mountain, being territories that hadn't been part of the Weseringian Empire.

The Weseuros humans refered to the Wilderness as a savage place, scarcely populated where human action hadn't reached, being only populated by savages and barbarians -who denominated themselves the Free Clans-, such as Kanovs, Orcs, Goblins and Elves.

Slowly, Weseuros humans will push the Free Lands further to the North, setting the Northern Marches as they colonized it, as they feared the influence of the Dark Legion over the Free Clans of the North and the Dark prophets. To counter Weseuran human expansion, will be founded the kingdom of Navatiak and the Dwarves of the Mines of Helmed will expand westwards.

By the XXVI Century, the Wilderness was considered to be finally tamed.

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