Crop Aels Wildnaught by Shabazik (2)

The Valley of Wildnacht

Wildnacht was the northernmost part of the great forest of Nubla in the northeastern region of Aels, between the northern Nohalion mountain range and Stapäria.



Wildnacht was a dense and heavy woodland, in a river valley, being home to several peoples of the forests and later of Werewolf clans. being an unorganized territory who will often provide auxiliaries to the Dark Legion of Demons.

It had the mountains of the Northern Hebonnor mountain range to the north and west, and grasslands to the east. Higher forests were to the south.


It was home for Beast People of certain groups, and Werewolfs.

Witches have been described as living here as well, in a story. Presumably these magic users and fellows are of Sylvan elf and human / elf Half Elf ethnicities.

Characters and StoriesEdit

This is the land native to the Grey Shadow Werewolf tribe. The adventurer Bog and his child sidekick of the time, Pumori of the White Fang, would come here when Bog sought information about the werewolves of the Polforian region of Mondwargh, and learned of the fearsome White Fang.

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