Wollumis ogre huntress by shabazik-d5o4jtd

A feral elf Ogre-huntress from the forests of Viborg

W O L L U M I S Nox elvii

Race: Wollumis

Class: Dark Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Savage elf, Feral Elf, Forest Elf, Purple Elf, Dervish Elf, Night Demons

Allegiance: Independent tribes

Wollumis DescriptionEdit

The Wollumis are a race of dark elves who lived spread between Hieyoks, Aels and Zarhuy.

The 'Savage' Elves, a name given by the High elves to the small, purple skinned Wollumis, were a Dark Elf race of mysterious origins, that extended between Hieyoks, Aels and Zarhuy, as they slowly emigrated in prehistory across the continents of western Aiers.

Myths and HistoryEdit

According to their own myths, the Wollumis originated from the Rossnes -the same types of elves from which the High elves, Grey elfs, Hebonnor and other elves descend from-, but due to the slaying of an ogre, the Wollumis were the first elves to learn violence, and be become stained by the blood of the monster.

Some theories indeed point that the Wollumis may have Rossnes ancestors, being result as well as the relations between light and Dark Elves -like the Rossnes, Neroz and Zuleis-, and is possible that they were descended from the first elves to use copper weapons -or not-. However, for elf-kind, they are some of the most warlike of the elves:

Much of their story and culture -really cultures, as there were at least five main Wollumis cultures- was ignored by the High elves, and when during the High elf imperialism, they tried to annex and conquer them, rather than trying to understand their cultures, having a very partial and poor opinion of the 'savage' Wollumis, who resisted their invasions.

The Wollumis preferred to live in forests and jungles, in small communities, clans and subclans -however, in Nubla and Bierteno for example, they will form kingdoms and build cities- being very close to nature, this being one of the reasons -like the green Mourlicoun- that they were sometimes called dryads:

However, what impressed other elves more than this, were for example how widespread in the southern Sofohx tribes of Zarhuy the custom of eating other intelligent beings -even elves-, something supposedly learned from the orcs and ogres:

The Wollumis were as well terrible enemies, being permanent enemies for the orcs, humans, sylvan elf(ves) and High elves -as well their wild and grey successors in Aels and Zarhuy-, to the point that sometimes the other elves say that they were demons with elven form, rather than really elves.

During the great First War of the Power, the Wollumis of Aels fought against the Dark Legion, but was circumstantial, the Wollumis of Bierteno and Nubla fought against an army of the dark legion who marched, crossing their forests.

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