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Xylinthia Dahl'Arak, the light skinned Drow Acolyte

Xylinthia Dahl'Arak (Negeémiliel, 2429, 2430 ? a.a.H. - ? a.a.H.) was a light skinned drow Acolyte of Negeé, and as well a Hebonnor Princess. Daughter of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak and the King of the Hill Hildetriel IV the Young, member of the notorious Negeémi House Dahl'Arak , she was twin sister of Essai Dahl'Arak.


  • Light Skinned Drow
  • Light Honey Blonde hair
  • Typical red eyes
  • Poor low light vision (for a drow)
  • Determined Personality
  • Capable
  • Tall, strong body



Xylinthia Dahl'Arak and her brother Essai Dahl'Arak are the progeny of the Drow general Leg of the Spider Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, the de-facto dictator of Negeémiliel, and the conquered King Hildetriel IV the Young of the Hebonnor kingdom. The Hebonnor living on the Nohalion Mountains, and the Negeémi Drow living under them. After the Hebonnor-Drow War of 2427-2428 a.a.H. and the Dahl'Arak Coup of late 2428 a.a.H., Xylinthia and her brother were born.

Speculation: The exact date or year of the birth of the twins is currently unknown. It depends upon when Danieh'le became pregnant, naturally enough. Opportunities for this occurred after the Battle of Cilfach, so they could have been born in late 2429 a.a.H. Circumstantial evidence such as a pregnant Danieh'le meeting her cousins with Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra present would suggest a 2429 date. Otherwise, the siblings would have been born in 2430 or later, depending on when Hildetriel IV was allowed to return to his kingdom.

In any event, the offspring of Light Elfs and Dark Elfs are often derisively referred to by the High elves' term of 'Ash Elves'. Unless they appear as one race or the other. In the case of Xylinthia, she appeared as a light elf, unfortunately for her and her mother.


Nonetheless, when she reached the appropriate age, she was entered into the Academy, the training grounds of the girls who are to grow up to become the Acolyte elites of the city state empire of Negeémiliel. Despite the power and well regarded record of the mother, Xylinthia would face heavy scrutiny and resistance to her entry into the Academy. All of which was based on her clearly not being a full drow, on her skin color to speak plainly. She was seen, perhaps, as a weak point to attack her mother, whom had declined taking absolute power.

Xylinthia faced considerable hurdles in the Academy as preventing her from succeeding and graduating the Academy was then seen as an objective. This was largely possible as the Academy is considered sacrosanct and powerful parents have limited ability to influence events within the institutions of the Academy. Despite her overall performance being excellent, she failed her exams at first, but succeeded on the second try.

It's also possible that political elements were concerned about a Princess daughter of the ruler of the State, for fear that this would lead to a monarchy. Albeit, Danieh'le Dahl'Arak was offered that position as a result of the Dahl'Arak Coup and she declined. But rulers do often have an option of changing their minds.

Also, some persons might have feared where Xylinthia's loyalties might be, between the Negeémi State or her father's kingdom?

Speculation: Due to the problems Xylinthia faced, it might be wondered if by the end of her training, if her mother's dictatorial power had diminished or vanished by this time? On the other hand, Danieh'le Dahl'Arak always insisted that her children be excellent and stand without much help. She may have allowed this adversity for its own sake to ensure that Xylinthia was tough, and prevent the political pitfalls of interference?

Current StatusEdit

Xylinthia graduated from the Academy as an Acolyte and served as one, although she also performed functions in the Hebonnor kingdom by about 2470 a.a.H. (Status is somewhat subject to being a potential future.)

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