The Yuatse River Battle was a battle fought at the northern bank of the Yuatse River, Bina, at the 3128 a.a.H during the Kleineng War, 3128 a.a.H.

There, a small force of Joaquintopian infantry of marine faced the vanguard of the advancing Kleineng army, being defeated. However, the river crossing of the Yuatse was delayed by the destruction of the bridges by Joaquintopian gunboats.

Sir Johann Chelshire, officer of the Joaquintopian Empire, was tasked during the Kleineng War to land along with some Royal Infantry of Marine soldiers in the Yuatse river, near the Binese-Kleineng border, to protect the Joaquintopian interests in north-eastern Bina, as the advance of the Kleineng warlords menaced the construction of the Railway by McTonish & McTonish Company, a Joaquintopian railway company that was building the railways between Shuanzi and the Binese Imperial capitol.

As the Joaquintopian gunboats, who had been a key “diplomatic” assets of the Joaquintopian Empire in east Hieyoks landed a 120 men strong infantry of marine unit and 6 guns in the Yuatse River.

Lord Chelshire, despise the reports of an army of 14.000 Kleineng soldiers marching to the Yuatse river, and rather than to expect reinforcements of the Imperial Binese Army –that he despised due racial prejudgments and previous Binese-Joaquintopian wars-, he advanced his small detachment to the north bank of the Yuatse river, to settle a defensive perimeter.

When the advanced forces of the Kleineng arrived –some 1.500 men-, they rolled over Chelshire and his men, completely defeating the Joaquintopian force, and killing his commander.

The only thing that delayed the Kleineng in invading north western Bina was that the same Joaquintopian gunboats had to destroy the railway bridges built by McTonish & McTonish, while the Imperial Binese Army massed their forces.

The Kleineng wouldn’t be able to cross the Yuatse due the Joaquintopian control of the river with their gunships, but they did use the captured Joaquintopian and Klauseng artillery units in several artillery duels with the Joaquintopian gunships.

Back in Joaquintopia, the death of Sir Chelshire –due his own incompetence- would instead be praised as martyrdom, and used this uproar to prepare a new expeditionary force to be send to East Hieyoks.

An expeditionary force that will arrive too late, at the 3130 a.a.H, when the Kleineng War already finished, being used these soldiers instead to force their Binese allies in the war to more unequal treaties.

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