The Zur Space Dominion or ZSD is a nation in the Zur star system, Devart Sector. It controlled three planets in said star system.

History Edit

Founded from a loose collection of prospectors, miners and private colonists mostly from the Alianza Goffyana who wanted to secure their claims over the whole star system in the decade of the 3380s, they will fail to achieve this widespread recognition by other nations and corporations, being recognised only their claims on New Zur, New Zheria and New Gronkav

With their limited resources, they will began an attempt of aiersformation of New Zur into an Aiers-type planet, an endeavour that still by the 3440s wasn't completed due to economic difficulties. The natural satellites of New Zur were inhabited, meanwhile Zheria and Gronkav had only sporadic scientific and mining stations.

During the Rebellion of the Clones, the ambivalent posture taken by New Zur regarding the rebels, providing a safe-haven on the non-corporate colony, will result in a corporate-backed coup d'etat, that will set a hard-line government against clone rebels and very open to corporate business.

The rule of the Military Junta of the 13 Army Generals will last until the Devart Sector War, when it failed to protect its peoples against the Goelathian aggression. The Junta collapsed, and during the war New Zur became a battlefield, suffering extensive damage that resulted in the failure of the attempted aiersformation.

While the world of Zur collapsed in chaos as an irradiated wasteland, the new ZSD government -a new corporate puppet- took refuge in the moons of Zur to regrow it's strength -with corporate support- to reclaim the planet from the bandits that came to rule its ruins.

Creator Edit

The creator of the ZSD is Armygeneral13 or thereptiliangeneral in deviantArt, made up for the Devart Sector War

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