Continent of Zarhuy (Some words are in the Spanish

ZARHUY: A continent of the world of Aiers. In the north and east, the predominance of the human-Kanov Islamic states became absolute.

A desert stretches to the north, and in the south begin the plains of Antor, where we find Quiebrahuesos and the large Antorian Orcs and the wild elves (descendants of destroyed High Elf colonies). There are as well the human empire of Chui Himaya: in the central and southern Zarhuy, the humans are animist.

In the south-west, there are large rainforests, and live the purple savage elves, the Wollumis. In the far south, the remnants of the High Elf colonies: The seven cities, with Vanilion (home of the Manwë family) as the main remaining elven realm on the continent.

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