Duke Zephir was a Bazrrod Demon Lord.

Zephir was said to be a magician, skilled in the art of illusion, talented in alchemy, being a military scientist, spy, trobadour, merchant and assassin.

An artificer -creator of bodies of demons-, he was known for his creations, being one of the first demons who made bodies with genders -but no reproductive capabilities-, which led with the later apparition of succubae and vessels with reproductive capabilites to nickname Zephir "The Barren".

in Karentian Christian traditions, he was said to command 28 legions, and having created demons and creatures with secondary sexual characteristics -but no reproduction- he was related to sexual perversions "inciting men to commit sexual sins against children, animal or practice homosexuality, and incite women to adultery and lesbianism".

He took the form of a man with red clothes and armour.

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