Flairie tribeself by shabazik-d5olwu7

A Flairie, an example of the elf category Zuleis

The Zuleis are a category of elf indigenous to Aiers IV of intermediate height and size and of blue skin tones. They were the most successful of the six primary categories of Elfkind for a long time, but eventually fell to the wayside of the Rossnes High elves.

Two BranchesEdit

There are two main branches to the Zuleis family, the Hake of Ushaenor, and the Flairie of Aels. Despite splitting off from each other at about 23.000 b.a.H., the two races remain very similar to each other physically. They have various blue hues, and widely variable hair, usually light hair, ranging from being red or even white, quite often, but also having dark hair often as well.

Despite variability in individual sizes, the Zuleis major and minor racial groups continue to average the same height and size. As a group they are intermediate in size, taller and larger than the Verdennos Elf, Wollumis, and Neroz categories, but smaller than the rarely seen arctic category of Anqueael Elf, and the largest category of the Rossnes elves.

The two Zuleis branches differ culturally, as the Hake people developed the first known civilizations and writing on Aiers IV, and the development of elven civilization and writing would seem to owe a great deal to them.

Conversely, the Flairie elves would be much more rural minded, and slow in developing their own civilizations. They would be faced with the threat and example of civilization from the early Drow race that ruled over much of the continent of Aels, but they, along with like developed Rossnes elves and Beast People, would overthrow and drive the Drow from the surface. Despite this early success and the example of Drow civilization, the Flairie would remain tribal and rural minded, and would not develop their civilization until much later.

Writing Systems suggest a Contact?Edit

Interestingly, the Neroz peoples settled down first in the Aels continent and developed the first cities before developing their writing system in 13.000 a.a.H. Yet the Zuleis Hake in Ushaenor would develop their own writing system in 13.500 b.a.H., even though they had fewer trappings of civilization at this time. Given that there are similarities in the language root syllables in elves separated intercontinentally, with two systems developing separately at about the same might speculate a contact between continents?

Hake and Flairie HistoriesEdit

The Hake living on Ushaenor, and Flairie on Aels, had very different developments parallel to each other. The Zuleis elves that would become the Hakes left the country of Polforia in the continent of Aels. They apparently did not take an expansionist view of the world to colonize or gain intercontinental allies until it was too late? Their thousands of years of falling back and then of a confinement to a corner of Ushaenor suggests that they might have become very bitter and hateful as a result?

Hake TimelineEdit

Asbaran hake archer by shabazik-d5nfat2

A Hake Dark elf archer from the Kingdom of Asbaran

Approximate Year -- Developmental Events

  • 16.000 b.a.H. -- The development of Agriculture, advanced grazing, more sedentary life.
  • 14.000 b.a.H. -- The building of towns.
  • 13.500 b.a.H. -- The first writing system.
  • 6.000 b.a.H. -- Growth of nations, development of maths and science, developed arcane arts.
  • 5.500 b.a.H. -- Wars of conquest begin unification. Tribes of Rossnes High elves present in northeast Ushaenor.
  • 5.000 b.a.H. -- Founding of the Empire of the Hakes.
  • 4.500 b.a.H. -- Consolidation of empire, forcing tribute from the High elves.
  • 3.000 b.a.H. -- High elves grow more strong, Hakes foment dissention between High elf nations.
  • 1.000 b.a.H. -- The Elf wars begin between Hakes and High elves.
  • 850 b.a.H. -- Hake aggressive strategy fails and leaves them exhausted. High elves have formed their nascent Empire of Whide Axis, they expand by beginning colonization of other continents. Ushaenor wars will swing back and forth, but Hakes will increasingly be on the defensive.
  • 40 a.a.H. -- Empire of the Hakes was broken, only one quarter of population of empire's height left, only three Hake nations remain in southwestern-south Ushaenor, awaiting their eventual end.
  • 100 a.a.H. -- Seemingly natural disasters associated with the Apparition of Humanity have occurred over the previous fifty years. Both Hakes and High elves have suffered for it, but High elves are especially battered by it, and gives the Hakes a new lease on resistance.
  • 1.000 a.a.H. -- High elves have seen all their colonies outside Ushaenor be destroyed, or the remaining colonies have become independent. Hakes are nonetheless contained.
  • 2.435 a.a.H. -- Hakes joined the Dark Legion in order to gain allies to strike at High elves.
  • 2.476 a.a.H. -- Hakes founded a (secret) colony in Aels with Dark Legion support. The Wicked City of Zaghäl.
  • 2.675 a.a.H. -- Hake nations destroyed or harmed by the The Cataclysm.

Flairie TimelineEdit

Flairie tribeself by shabazik-d5olwu7

An example of a highland Flairie elf

Approximate Year -- Developmental Events

  • 14.000 b.a.H. -- Expanding Drow civilizations pushed Flairie tribes about.
  • 13.000 b.a.H. -- Flairie tribes launched a concerted attack on the drow.
  • 12.000 b.a.H. -- Drow escaped to Kazrrad or were killed in their cities by Flairie, Sylvan elf tribes, and Beast People.
  • 3.500 b.a.H. -- Flairie learned some things from their drow predecessors, but did not develop their own cities until about ten thousand years later.
  • 2.500 b.a.H. -- First early Flairie empires. Their preeminent civilizations were the competing Lantanian culture and Koyonko culture. These were largely sea-based city-states, more primitive Flairie live inland.
  • 1.600 b.a.H. -- Unified culture develops called Unnline civilization which had become advanced.
  • 1.500 b.a.H. -- Unnline Civilization enjoyed its golden age.
  • 849 b.a.H. -- The adventurer and colonist High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis arrived on Aels.
  • 731 b.a.H. -- The Unnlinne cities were no match for the colonialism of the High elves, the last city falls.
  • 89 b.a.H. -- The inland Flairie tribes were subdued and subjugated by this date.
  • 7 a.a.H. -- The Flairie had rebelled repeatedly, but failed each time. The disasters following on the heels of the Apparition of Humanity, and the coming Age of Invasions would harm the Flairie people as it did most elves, and they would slowly fade into greater obscurity.
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