The Zur Star System, known as well as the New Zur Star System, Korryn Star System or Larqvia Star System, was the star system n. 139 of the Nebulosa of Ots, located in the Devart Sector.

There are 17 planets in this star system.

Nations[edit | edit source]

Planets[edit | edit source]

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  6. Venn (shares orbit with L'Arq)
  7. L'Arq (shares orbit with Venn)
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  9. x
  10. Korryn I (so called Tropical Korryn)
  11. Korryn II (so called Winter Korryn)
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(must place in their respective place:

  • L'Arq: Aiers-type planet, part of the dual planet system of L'Arq and Venn, territory of Larqvia.
  • Venn: Mineral-Type planet, part of the dual planet system of L'Arq and Venn, territory of Larqvia.
  • New Zur: terraformed planet of the ZSD. Capital of the Zur Space Dominion until becoming a battlefield in the Devart Sector War, which resulted in the planet becoming a chaotic irradiated wasteland. The moons of New Zur are populated, and acted as the new capitals of the ZSD.
  • New Zheria: unpopulated planet of the ZSD, without any permanent settlement.
  • New Gronkav: unpopulated planet of the ZSD, without any permanent settlement, except mining operations of Kasparov CIA in the aftermath of the Devart Sector War

History[edit | edit source]

As soon as the 3340 a.a.H, the first unmanned, deep space probes of Kasparov CIA reached the star system 139: however, as this part of a secret project that wouldn't lead to the founding of Mekkhere in the Devart Sector, these reports were archived and for long ignored by the public.

It won't be until 30 years later, in the 3370s, that further exploration and first colonization attempts will begin, being the first registered manned expeditions done by Alianza, who christened the star system Nuevo Zur, after Zur, a former aierian nation of Zarhuy, but there is debate among probable expeditions of the EUS and the RFB in the star system. Neither the RFB, Alianza or EUS made a claim over the star system to avoid antagonizing each other over border disputes while dealing with the conflicts with the EUN.

Without a formal claim by any of the great powers at the moment, it will present an opportunity for EUS-based corporations of the CONIN, who began mining extraction operations, and as well to arrivals of free colonists by the 3380s.

While from the sporadic mining settlements will originate the Zur Space Dominion as a loose coalition of interests to lay claims on the whole star system, failing to make these claims be recognized, the first and more extensive colonisation attempt -including an Ark Ship- will lead to the founding of Larqvia on the dual planet system.

The founding of these local colonies and their claims on the star system won't be momentarily contested by the great powers as result of the beginning of the Fifty Years War, but corporations of the Industrial Consortium wanted to secure their own interests in the 3390s, trying to secure colonisation contracts for these worlds with the EUS, making Kasparov CIA use of the unmanned probes to show their rights over the planets of the star system.

However, as the alliances of the Fifty Years Wars shifted at the 3398 a.a.H, with the EUS changing sides to fight against the RFB. While the EUS campaign was largely successful in other fronts, the colonisation rights granted by the EUS to megacorporations of the CONIN would be menaced by actions of the RFB, as the Devart Sector was close to RFB space.

Because of this and to avoid military action by the RFB against their interests, corporate colonies in the Zur Star System created the "Free Colony" of Kanyikia.

However, as the threat of an RFB invasion hadn't been eradicated -and will continue until the catastrophic defeat they suffered in 3402 in the Battle of the RFC-, the Free Colonies of the Devart Sector, to try to secure their neutrality and continued survival as independent nations, largely joined the LCP, the Paternic Free Colonies League. While not all the colonies of the Devart Sector joined the LCP, enough did to deter action from the RFB, who since the Truce of Ots (3405-3411) was trying to gain their support.

However, joining the LCP would bring troubles in its own, as the loose league of Free Colonies became the target for expansion of the EAN and the Norodor Empire, the latest of which will 3410 conquered the Mekkhere Star System: after this, the colonies of the devart Sector will shift more and more for their protection against the great powers toward the megacorporations than the Free Colonies League, but they in turn asserted more and more their domain in the sector

Aside of minor actions, the Devart Sector saw little combat during the Fifty Years War, seeing the expansion in the 3420s of corporate colonies made up mostly of cloned personnel:

This abundance of cloned personnel in free and corporate colonies not claimed by any great power, will mean a legal vacuum in terms of treatment of artificial humans, as the infamous case of Achastia: so when the Rebellion of the Clones began at the end of the decade of the 3420s, there would fire up several clone uprisings in the devart sector with diverse results.

As the sector was recovering from the Rebellion of the clones, it will be one of the main scenarios of the opening actions of the Devart War of the 3443-3446 a.a.H.

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